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  1. Whole New Way


Whole New Way

Is there a limit to how much that one can take
Cause Ive seen so much I thought that I would break
And then I let the fear run right out my heart
Let the love flow in yes I feel a new start
Used to sleep on those clouds of doubt
But now I rise to the morning from the love devout
Reborn again into a brand new day
Im Learning to love yes in a whole new Way

A Whole New Way

I used to think I’d be knocking upon heavens gate
Hoping that I didn’t wait to late
I was so trapped, I felt so blind
And now I sip a cup from the love divine
She nurtures my soul and comforts my heart
I wish I would have known that she was there from the start
Guiding my path yes each and everyday
Showing me to love in a whole new way

A Whole New Way

And I say ohhhhh Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhhh
And I say ohhhhh Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhhh

Yes now we all have some pain that we hold inside
We run from ourselves and block out the light
But there is a way to rid yourself of your fears
To let yourself in you’ve got to change all your gears
Listen to your heart, and open your mind
Then you will see that we’ve all been behind
This is the life that you were born to lead
And this is love that you’ll begin to receive

Sometimes we struggle to see or count or blessings
But we are all put here yes to learn one lesson
Now is the time lets open our eyes
To the passion yes and all our dreams desires
We’ve got to love from the heart that’s where it all starts
Cause every fire it begins with a spark
Im Learning to love yes in a brand new day
Im learning to love yes in a whole new way